Postgraduate Programs 2016 E.C

Mekelle University
       "Master Of Sciences / Master Of Arts in " Programs
A Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources (CoDANR)
  S.N Programs in Masters Degree
Master of Sciences 1 Dryland Agroforestry and land rehabilitation
2 Green development and carbon management
3 Soil science
4 Sustainable watershed management
5 Tropical land resource management
6 Integrated water resource management
7 Land administration
8 Horticulture
9 Dryland Agronomy
10 Plant Pathology
11 Agricultural entomology
12 Weed science
13 Plant breeding
14 Livestock production and pastoral development
15 Animal Production
16 Animal breeding and genetics
17 Animal nutrition
18 Apiculture
19 Honey bee products processing technology
20 Wildlife ecology and conservation
21 Agricultural economics and policy
22 Agroecology and Sustainable development
23 Food processing technology
24 Rural development
B Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle (EiT-M)
Master of Sciences 25 Computer Engineering 
26 Communication Engineering 
27 Industrial Control Engineering 
28 Electrical Power Engineering 
29 Structural Engineering
30 Geotechnical Engineering
31 Construction Technology and Management
32 Hydraulic Engineering
33 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
34 Road and Transport Engineering
35 Environmental and Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering
36 Thermofluid Engineering 
37 Sustainable Energy Engineering
38 Production and Industrial Systems Engineering 
39 Product Development and Design 
40 Quality Engineering and Management 
41 Kaizen (Quality and Productivity Improvement)
42 Automotive Engineering 
43 Manufacturing Engineering 
44 Materials Science and Engineering 
45 Mechatronics Engineering 
46 Architectural design and Technology 
47 Urban Planning and Development 
48 Chemical Engineering specialization Process Engineering
49 Chemical Engineering specialization Environmental Engineering
50 Computer Science
51 Software Engineering
52 Control and instrumentation Engineering
C Mekelle Institute of Technology (MIT)
Master of Sciences 53 Biotechnology
54 Bioinformatics
55 Bioprocess Engineering
56 Cyber Security and Robotics
57 Cybersecurity Management
D College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS)
Master of Sciences 58 Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries
59 Biology (Major in Zoology)
60 Biology (Major in Botany)
61 Pest management
62 Microbiology and Parasitology
63 Analytical Chemistry
64 Inorganic Chemistry
65 Organic Chemistry
66 Physical Chemistry
67 Hydrogeology
68 Engineering Geology
69 Economic geology
70 Environmental Geoscience
71 Structural geology
72 Mining geology
73 Mathematics MSc
74 Physics MSc in all specialization
75 Sport Management
76 Exercise Physiology
77 Exercise and Sport Psychology 
78 Coaching Football
79 Coaching Athletics
80 Coaching Basketball
81 Physical Education
82 Applied statistics
83 Biometry
84 Biology Education (summer)
85 Chemistry Education (summer)
86 Physics Education (summer)
87 Maths Education (summer)
E College of Business and Economics (CBE)
Master of Arts/ Master of Sciences in 88 Business Administration
89 Logistic and Supply Chain Management 
90 Development Studies 
91 Accounting and Auditing 
92 Finance and Investment 
93 Community Development and Leadership
94 Marketing Management 
95 Economics (specialization in Development Policy Analysis, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Financial Economics, Climate Economics, Trade Policy and Competition Economics, Energy Economics)
96 Cooperative Marketing 
F  College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
Master of Sciences in  97 Tropical Veterinary Medicine
98 Zoonosis and Food Safety
99 Veterinary Clinical Laboratory Science
100 Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics
101 Veterinary Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
102 Meat Processing Technology
103 Dairy Products Processing Technology
G Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation (IPHC)
Master of Arts/ Master of Sciences in 104 Architectural Heritage Conservation and Management 
105 Heritage Management 
106 Archeology 
107 Tourism Development 
108 Anthropology (Concentrated in Developmental, Medical and Environmental)
109 Hospitality Management 
H College of Law and Governance (CLG)
LL. M in 110 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
111 Constitutional Law
112 Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
113 International Human Rights Laws
114 Tax Laws
115 Legislative Studies and Legal Drafting
116 Natural Resource Governance
117 The Laws of Taxation and Investment
118 Business Law
119 International Economic Law
120 Construction Law
Master of Arts/ Master of Sciences in 121 Civics and Ethical Studies
122 Public Sector Ethics and Corruption Studies
123 Democracy and Multicultural Studies
124 Political Economy
125 Peace and Conflict Studies  
126 Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
127 Federalism and Governance Studies
I Institute of Climate and Society (ICS)
Master of Sciences in 128 Climate and Society 
129 Meteorology and Climate Risk Management 
J Institute of Water and Environment (IWE)
Master of Sciences in 130 Irrigation Engineering and Management (IEM)
131 Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM)
K Institute if Environment, Gender and Development Studies (IEGDS
Master of Arts in 132 Environment, Gender and Development Studies (Specialization: Gender Studies,  Development Studies and Environment Studies)
L College of Health Sciences (CHS)
Master of Sciences in 133 Adult Health Nursing
134 Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing 
135 Pediatric and Child health Nursing 
136 Integrated clinical and community Mental Health 
137 Pharmacology 
138 Pharmaceutics 
139 Medicinal Chemistry 
140 Pharmaceutical Analysis and quality assurance 
141 Pharmacognosy 
142 Human Anatomy 
143 Medical Microbiology 
144 Clinical biochemistry 
145 Medical Parasitology
146 Physiotherapy 
147 Anesthesia 
148 Clinical Midwifery 
149 Midwifery Education
150 General Public health 
151 Biostatistics
152 Biostatistics and Health informatics 
153 Reproductive Health 
154 Hospital & health care Administration
155 Field Epidemiology
156 Monitoring and Evaluation
157 Public Health Nutrition 
158 Microbiological and Immunology 
159 Post-Baccalaureate Pharm-D
160 Anatomy
161 Parasitology
162 Pediatrics Nursing
M College of Social Sciences and Languages (CSSL)
Master of Arts/ Master of Sciences in 163 GIS and Remote Sensing
164 Urban and Regional development planning
165 Land resource management
166 History and Culture Studies
167 Sociology
168 Social work
169 Ethnomusicology
170 ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development)
171 Journalism and Communication
172 TEFL
173 Socio-linguistics
174 Literature and Culture studies
175 Tigrigna  Language teaching
176 Applied Linguistics in Teaching Amharic
177 Ethiopian Literature and Folklore
N Institute of Population Studies (IPoSt)
Master of Arts 178 Population and Development
179 Migration Studies
O Institute of Pedagogical Sciences (IPS)
Master of Arts 180 Educational Planning and Management
181 School Leadership
182 Adult Education
183 Curriculum and Teachers' Professional Development
184 Inclusive Education
P Institute of Geoinformation and Earth Observation Sciences (I-GEOS)
Master of Sciences in 185 Geoinformatics
186 GEOS for Natural Resource Management
Mekelle University 
 "PhD In" Doctor of Philosophy Programs
A Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources (CoDANR)
  S.N Programs in the PhD Degree
PhD in 1 Soil science
2 Dryland Ecology & Resource management
3 Climate change and Rural development
4 Plant breeding and seed system
B Ethiopian Institute of Technology-Mekelle (EiT-M)
PhD in 5 Energy 
6 Manufacturing Engineering 
7 Design Engineering 
8 Quality and Productivity Management 
9 Engineering and Technology (Specialization in Civil Engineering: Focused in Water Resources Engineering)
C College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS)
PhD in 10 Aquatic and Fish Ecology (AFE)
11 Environment and Ecology (EE)
12 Animal Ecology (AE)
13 Microbial Ecology (ME)
14 Plant Ecology (PE)
15 Hydrogeology
16 Mathematics
17 Condensed Matter physics, Computational
18 Quantum Optics
19 Space Physics
20 Plasma Physics
21 Sport Management
22 Exercise Physiology
DED 23 DED in Biology
24 DED in Chemistry
25 DED in Mathematics
26 DED in Physics
D College of Health Sciences (CHS)
PhD in 27 Public Health 
28 Nursing
29 Clinical Pharmacology
30 Medical MicroBiology
31 Clinical Anatomy and Neurobiology
32 Clinical Biochemistery
33 Clinical Research
E  College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
PhD in 34 Tropical Animal Health
35 Food Safety and Zoonosis
36 Animal Biotechnology
37 Veterinary Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging
F College of Business and Economics (CBE)
PhD in 38 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
39 Management 
40 Economics 
G Institute of Paleo-Environment and Heritage Conservation (IPHC)
PhD in 41 Heritage Studies 
42 Anthropology 
H Institute of Climate and Society (ICS)
PhD in 43 Climate and Food Systems 
44 Climate and Forest Resources 
45 Meteorology and Climate Science 
I Institute of Water and Environment (IWE)
PhD in 46 Water Resources Development and Management (WRDM)
J College of Social Sciences and Languages (CSSL)
PhD in 47 History and Culture Studies
48 Comparative Literature and Culture Studies
49 Litrerature
50 Teaching in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
51 Doctor of Education in Mother Tong(Tigrigna language teaching)
52 Doctor of Education in Mother Tong(Amharic Language Education)
53 Doctor of Education in English
K Institute of Population Studies (IPoSt)
PhD in 54 Population Studies
L Institute of Pedagogical Sciences (IPS)
PhD in 55 Educational Policy and Strategic Management 
56 Higher education leadership and Management
M College of Law and Governance
DED  in 57 Civics
PhD in 58 Law
Mekelle University
Specialty and Subspeciality Certificate Programs
  College Of Health Sciences
Specialty Certificate 1 Oral maxillofacial Surgery
2 Orthodontics  
3 Prosthodontics
4 Pathology
5 General Surgery
6 Pediatrics and Child Health
7 Gynecology and Obstetrics
8 Internal Medicine
9 Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
10 Clinical Radiology
11 Orthodontics
12 Endodontic
13 Orthopedic and trauma Surgery
14 Neurosurgery
15 Dermatovenereology
16 ENT
17 Opthalmology 
18 Anestheology, Critical care and pain Medicine
19 Otolaryngology- head and neck surgery
Subspecialty Certificate 20 Urogynacology
21 Neurosurgery 
22 Pain Medicine and Palliative care