Vice President for Research and Community Engagement


Mekelle University strives for excellence in academics, research, and community service and contributes to the advancement of knowledge, economic growth, and social welfare through innovation and entrepreneurship, partnering with institutions, and empowering communities. The Strategic themes with respect to Research and Community Engagement include excellence in (i) research and Technology Transfer to address felt needs of industry and society, (ii). Community Service to empower regional and national societies, and (iii). Boost Internationalization and Stakeholder Engagement. According to the former Ministry of Science and Higher Education, by 2020, Mekelle University has been ranked as a research-intensive University.

Guided by its mission and vision, MU is required to promote and enhance research and community engagements focusing on knowledge and technology transfer consistent with the country’s priority needs which leads to quality research and technology. In the year 2019-2020, MU was ranked 2nd in Ethiopia, 35th in Africa, and 1282nd in the world in universities' reputability rankings. Since the end of 2019, Mekelle University has been categorized as Research Intensive University among the higher institutions in Ethiopia and is one of the top three universities in Ethiopia with an aspiration to be among the leading research-intensive universities in Africa. To undertake the mandates, MU has strong partnerships with an international reputation for research through partnerships with national and international sister institutions from Africa, Europe, Asia, America (North and South), and Australia.

On the other hand, it was unfortunate that the recent war in the Tigray region has seriously affected the human resources, logistics, and infrastructures, academic and research performance; partnership, and global visibility of our University. Due to the Tigray war, almost all of the research and community engagement activities had been suspended since June 2021 with the exception of some post-graduate research. Some of the voluntary community engagement activities were to support the community in health services, tutorial service for children, maintenance of agricultural machineries, development of different reconstructive proposals and consultancy services to different bureaus, and others. Moreover, some MU staff members were conducting demand-driven research activities without / very limited (externally funded) research projects. Furthermore, many publications were produced during this crisis. The motivation and great passion of our staff during the tough and life-threatening conditions shows the research potential at MU can easily revive and outshine upon releasing of budget and other funds through collaborations with regional, national, and international stakeholders. Like other offices, the Vice President for Research and Community Engagement Office of the University has prepared a resumption and recovery plan for the well-being of communities through research outcomes.

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